QGel 3217導熱墊片 Thermal Pad


• one to one mix ratio
• soft but resilient gel
• dispensing equipment not necessary


a clear, soft, moderately cross-linked silicone polymer. Silicone gels are
used to provide protection from vibration, thermal or mechanical shock. Silicone gels
also provide excellent moisture protection. QSi’s Q-Gel product line is two component
materials with a 1:1 mix ratio.


Typical Properties
Uncured properties
                               3217A            3217B
Appearance            transparent    transparent
Viscosity, cps            350-550         350-550
Specific gravity           0.97               0.96
Mix Ratio                              1:1
Snap Time,                     25C >12hrs
Gel Hardness,                  g 100-120
*cured 0.5hr at 130C
Cured properties
Cure Time
                                30 minutes @ 130C
Service Temperature
Range                            -55 to 200C
Adhesion Silicone gels have a tacky surface and will form a
Mechanical bond to most substrates

Electrical properties
Q-Gels have excellent dielectric strength

Instructions for use

The convenient one to one mix makes QSi’s Q-Gels very easy to mix. Mix equally and
thoroughly by weight or volume. Once the components are mixed the curing process
begins. The pot life of the mixed material is shown under typical properties. Fast curing
gels (less than 30 minutes pot life) should be dispensed utilizing automated mix and
dispense equipment.

Air trapped during mixing should be removed to eliminate voids in the cured product.
Vacuum de-airing may be necessary to completely remove all entrapped air bubbles. To
insure proper de-airing, subject the mixed material to 29 inches of mercury.

Storage and shelf life
Q-Gels should be stored in the original unopened container below 38C (100F). They will
remain useful for a period of 12 months if stored under those conditions.